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Few artists embody a legendary independent status like Dub FX. Starting on the streets of Europe busking, he revolutionised the concept of a one-man band and traditional live production. As a pioneer of viral live music videos on YouTube, DUB FX has over 100 million views collectively. Today we announce an interactive hybrid event where you can watch DUB FX build his tracks live from scratch anywhere in the galaxy with an internet connection.

Due to the pandemic, live performances are still few and far between, So Dub FX teamed up with ZART in Berlin, a unique interactive streaming service that provides the closest version of a live Dub FX concert in digital space.

This performance will not be a regular one-dimensional stream. Instead, it allows you to interact with others in real-time using built-in video and chat. You decide how; group up with friends, join random groups or watch in private. This feature opens a fantastic opportunity for the global Dub FX community to connect. After the show, Dub FX will be joining random video groups, so stick around and interact for a chance to chat with DUB himself.

"Rather than pre-recorded content on a generic streaming site, I wanted to create something special and as close as I could to being at a live show, this is it." - Dub FX.

The event will have multiple roaming cameras in HD, getting you closer than ever to a Dub FX performance from every angle possible. In addition, exclusive merch will be available, along with limited tickets to physically attend the event, keeping the energy live and raw.

To make sure the concert in November can take place, we see ourselves forced, to stick to 2G (recovered or vaccinated). We are not fans of this regulation, as it excludes people from the start. But it is the only way to guarantee that the show will be able to take place.

This event will undoubtedly quench some of that Dub FX music thirst stolen by the pandemic. Join us on the 11th of November to rock out from the comfort of your home and experience Dub FXs music like never before. 

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Dub FX

[[ ratingSummary.avg ]]/5 from [[ ratingSummary.count ]] Reviews
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Huge fan of DUB FX
I think I am a fan of his for over 10 years! Happy to see he is still prefoming. His loops and beats are amazing!
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Dub-FX is amazing! I listen to his music since he began street performances and I was never into reggae. A true artist who collaborate with other true artists.
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