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Giant Rooks are currently the most promising band from Germany, and the first in a long time. They took their time with their first album. Five years after their first EP, their long-awaited debut "ROOKERY" will be released on August 28th, 2020. On the same day, the band will be performing the album for the first time in an interactive livestream from Berlin. 

With "ROOKERY", Giant Rooks show how an indie rock band can sound in 2020 without sounding retro. Full of well-developed ideas,  the band combines modern influences with classical structures and vice versa. When it comes to playing music, as well as listening to it, Giant Rooks arent looking to fit into any genre or emulate anyone.

Despite their young age, Giant Rooks are impressively mature and are 100% aware of what they are doing. To complete their perfect debut, they will perform their album live on release day and share it with the whole world via For this world premiere, the band will create their own space where reality mixes with augmented reality to give the audience a new experience as close as possible to a real concert. The recording of the show with several high-quality cameras will have extended live features from the „ROOKERY" universe. In this digital space, fans will be able to meet in chatrooms and share this special day for Giant Rooks with a special kind of live stream.

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Supergeile Band
Diese Musik erweitert den Horizont, kreativ, vielschichtig, brillante Texte. Hoffentlich gibt es bald eine Tour.
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